Thursday, December 01, 2005

International Intelligence conference - blogging "live"

I'm attempting to blog "live" from the Internaltional Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR) 2005 conference in Albuquerque, NM. Here is the first report.

Sessions on Group Differences (12-1-05)

Cvorovic, Rhushton & Figueredo - Intelligence and life history variables in Serbian Gypsies (Rushton made presentation).

  • n=346 Serbian Gypsies; 16-72 years of age; Administered Raven's Matrices (Standard and Colored); Average IQ=70.
  • Authors then showed a colorized IQ map (from forthcomming Richard Lynn book--definetly will be controversial as the map favors white populations.) where the average world-wide IQ=85.
  • The authors concluded that the Gypsies are not that low with reference to world-wide mean. Also, suggested that dysgenic inbreeding is primary reason for the results.

Nyborg, Albeck, Hartmann & Larsen - Race differences in general intelligence (g) in relation to bloop pressure, body proportions, hormones, and personality: A cross-sectional study of 4,000+ White, Hispanic, and Black middle-age males (presented by Nyborg)

  • Cited prior research that high BP depresses IQ across all populations. Hypothesized that some of the average IQ racial differences may be related to level of group BP (inverse general intelligence--BP correlation hypothesized).
  • g-composite measures comprised from 14 variables that sampled from a diverse CHC ability universe. Extensive medical/physical and life history variable information gathered and reported.
  • Excluded anyone with IQ <85 (therefore reported correlations may be spuriously low). n=4000+ subjects
  • Major findings and conclusions by authors: Found that level of g (general intelligence) drops as a function of level of hypertension, but no differential findings by race. Reported tht the higher the HDL cholesterol in whites, the higher the g score. The higher the HDL in blacks, the lower the g (A differential race effect finding).
  • Question posed by researchers: What is the causal mechanism of higher BP on decreased g (with age)? They suggested a possible "threshold" effect - when a certain level of high BP is reached, then most everyone will see decreased cognitive functioning (due to increased blood clots in the brain? BP may be sign of more generalized decrease in health).
  • During discussion the important point was raised that the black sample findings may suffer from "restriction of range" methodological problems due to researchers dropping IQs <85.
  • Lesson suggested - as your blood pressure increases, your general intelligence may decrease. Relax and be smarter.

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Anonymous said...

Did the authors control for diet, work conditions, and other socio-economic factors associated with intelligence? How did they come to the conclusion that BP affects intelligence rather than intelligence affects BP? Was it a longitudinal study?