Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Recent literature of interest 12-15-05 posted

For the past few years, over on the CHC listerv, I've been making weekly posts called "FYI@IAP - Recent Literature of Interest." The long story short is that I conduct weekly searches of most all social and behavioral sciences journals listed in Current Contents Social Sciences Index. I flag a wide variety of articles that are of interest to me and IAP (beyond just intelligence testing and theories).

Typically I've posted this weekly (and lengthy) list of FYI references to the CHC listserv. I'm now changing this practice.

Starting today (and if my Glr remains adequate and allows me to remember this decision), I'm going to be making these FYI posts via this blog. In addition, I will be posting a copy of each weekly search as a viewable/downloadable pdf file from my web page. For a while I will continue to make FYI posts (with a URL link to the appropriate blog post) to the CHC listserv, but in time, I will stop this practice. So....for those who are routine reviewers of this weekly service via the CHC listserv, you will need to start reading this blog with regularity if you do not want to miss the latest and greatest references this blogmaster flags.

This weeks "recent literature" of interest can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.

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