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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Australian Psychologist special issue on culture, language, and cognitive assessment

The March 2009 issue of the Australian Psychologist (44-1) is a special issued dealing with cultural and language issues in cognitive assessment in Australia. The opening editorial by Stolk (2009) is "Approaches to the influence of culture and language on cognitive assessment instruments: The Australian context"

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Assessing cognitive impairment in indigenous Australians: Kimberley instrument

For my friends "down under."  Australian Psychologist article by Smith et al. (2009)Assessing cognitive impairment in Indigenous Australians: Re-evaluation of the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment in Western Australia and the Northern Territory


  • The Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA) was initially developed and validated as a culturally appropriate dementia screening tool for older Indigenous people living in the Kimberley. This paper describes the re-evaluation of the psychometric properties of the cognitive section (KICA-Cog) of this tool in two different populations, including a Northern Territory sample, and a larger population-based cohort from the Kimberley. In both populations, participants were evaluated on the KICA-Cog tool, and independently assessed by expert clinical raters blinded to the KICA scores, to determine validity and reliability of dementia diagnosis for both groups. Community consultation, feedback and education were integral parts of the research. For the Northern Territory sample, 52 participants were selected primarily through health services. Sensitivity was 82.4% and specificity was 87.5% for diagnosis of dementia, with area under the curve (AUC) of .95, based on a cut-off score of 31/32 of a possible 39. For the Kimberley sample, 363 participants from multiple communities formed part of a prevalence study of dementia. Sensitivity was 93.3% and specificity was 98.4% for a cut-off score of 33/34, with AUC¼.98 (95% confidence interval: 0.97–0.99). There was no education bias found. The KICA-Cog appears to be most reliable at a cut-off of 33/39.
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Friday, December 05, 2008

IQ Scholar Spotlight: Stephen Bowden

I'm going to attempt to start another semi-irregular FYI topic post to IQs Corner....IQ Scholar Spotlight.  As you will notice on the left side of the blog, there is an area that includes links to prominent scholars in human intelligence (IQ Scholars).  You can click on names and go to their professional web pages and learn more about their research.  I must admit that I've been remiss in keeping this current...a situation I now hope to rectify.

Today I'm adding Dr. Stephen Bowden, University of Melbourne, who I met while in Australia presenting on the new Australian Adaptation of the WJ III.  Dr. Bowden will be independently analyzing the factor structure of the WJ III AUS norm data. 

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

WJ III Australian Adaptation Sept. workshops down under

A shameless plug. The blogmaster will be making a series of workshops (click for info) on the soon to be released Australian Adaptation of the WJ III Battery [conflict of interest note - I'm a coauthor of the WJ III). Workshops are sponsored by PAA (Psychological Assessments Australia). Registration information is available here.

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