Sunday, December 04, 2005

15 minute intro to blogging

I ran across a nice "15 minute intro to blogging" while sitting in the Mpls airport just now. If you want to better understand what blogging is all about, with examples from education, check out the link to "Thinking Outloud"

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Anonymous said...

As an observation, has anyone looked at the correlations between Understanding Directions from WJ III and other measures of gf, such as Matrix Reasoning from the WAIS-III or Raven Progressive Matrices, for example.

The reason I ask is that I'm observing a difference of 33 percentiles between Matrix Reasoning (98 percentile) on the WAIS-III and Understanding Directions (65 percentile)on the WJIII. Possibly this is just a fluke, or does understanding directions refer to a subcomponent of gf of which I am unaware?

Is there a specific, distinct subcomponent of gf to which understanding directions refers?

Thanks, if you have the chance to answer these, or refer to research that does.