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Friday, June 27, 2014

Announcing v1.0 of the Woodcock-Johnson IV Evolving Web of Knowledge (WJ IV EWOK)
I am pleased to announce the new WJ IV Evolving Web of Knowledge (WJ IV EWOK), your one stop internet source for keeping abreast re: announcements, research, etc. regarding the new Woodcock-Johnson IV Battery.  It is the same concept used for the prior WJ III EWOK

You can start your navigation and exploration by clicking here.

If you have information that is relevant and you think should be included in the next update, send to the blogmaster (

[Conflict of interest closure:  I am a coauthor of the WJ III and WJ IV].

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WISC-III/WJ III cross-battery g+specific cog-ach abilities findings

WISC-III/WJ III cross-battery g+specific abilities research reinforces "just say maybe" program of CHC g+specific abilities research.

I'm just starting the process of drafting a manuscript to summarize the results of the IAP CHC COG-ACH Correlates Meta-Analysis project (click here).  In that on-line EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge) I list a McGrew (2007a) study in the reading and math summary tables.  That reference reflects unpublished re-analysis I completed (last fall) with the Phelps et al. (2007) joint (cross-battery) WISC-III/WJ III dataset.  In order to include the findings in the synthesis manuscript, I felt it appropriate to at least informally publish the final models for reference. 

Two important caveats.  I'm a coauthor of the WJ III (conflict of interest disclosure).  The second caveat is outlined in the brief report of the results that I have posted.  When I have time I will update the synthesis EWOK. I will change the reference to McGrew (2008) reflecting posting.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WJ III EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge) v3.0 is now available

I'm very pleased and proud (actually, more relieved) to announce the third revision (v3.0) of the WJ III Evolving Web of Knowledge (EWOK), which was first announced in March of 2006. Click here to visit the original description and post. Click on the other link to go directly to the new WJ III EWOK.

Even if you do not like the Gv MindMap navigation option, I would urge you to view this "big picture" in order to see the information icons that designate branches/sections that include new material.

Feedback is always welcome.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

IQ Brain Clock EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge)

Sorry for the dearth of posts. I've been busy getting ready to attend NASP in NY (tomorrow thru Sunday) and working feverishly to develop and upload the first IQ Brain Clock EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge). Check it should give readers who are interested in temporal processing and mental time-keeping busy while I'm away at NASP :)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

WJ III Evolving Web of Knowledge (EWOK) is given birth

Announcing the first IAP EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge)----the WJ III EWOK. [This project is why I have not been posting as frequently to IQs Corner blog during the past 3-4 weeks.]

What is an EWOK?

An EWOK is an web-based, visually-oriented "Evolving Web of Knowledge" regarding a specific domain of knowledge of interest to the Institute for Applied Psychometrics.

The goal of an EWOK is simple: To provide a centralized up-to-date source information regarding a specific topic that is revised/updated on a semi-regular basis.

The goal of the WJ III EWOK is simple - to provide up-to-date information that has accumlulated since the WJ III battery was published in 2001. That's it... a simple goal.

The curent version (3-25-06) is FAR from being complete, but I wanted to get this "out there"so people can benefit from the currently avaialbe WJ III EWOK information.

Feedback regarding this project is welcome.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

RTI and cognitive assessment EWOK

I'm trying an experiment in knowledge development and sharing.

I'm currently working on a literature review (for a journal article) related to the role of cognitive assessment in RTI (response to intervention) special education assessment models. As a known Gv guy (aka Dr. Gv), I make frequent use of a mind map program called Mind Manager (from Mind Jet). It is a great tool for storing notes, copies of articles, etc,. in a visual map. Then, as I continue to read I rearrange the map as my thinking evolves.

Given the recent interest in RTI and the role of cognitive assessment, and given my interest is ascertaining if people would find dissemination of information via web-based maps (what I am calling EWOKS - Evolving Webs of Knowledge :) ), I thought I'd post my current working notes for people to view. This accomplishes two goals.

1. Sharing the literature (on this important topic) I've located to date.
2. Demonstrating how this information dissemination strategy mechanism works....and to see if folks might find it useful as a means to build living and breathing EWOKs on topics.

Take a peak at this URL.

[Note to fellow Gv on the "overview map" link if you want to see the entire visual map]

Be gentle...all I've done is cut and past text from various PDF copies of articles into branch nodes. I've made no attempt to format anything to look pretty. I've not yet started the step of taking the notes and starting to write. I'm not done with my literature acquisition and
review. The cut-paste notes (with some bolding for me to think about) are presented "as is." This is NOT any kind of finished web is just an attempt to present something "in process".......these are my working notes.

What is really cool (re: this product as a tool for writing and dissemination) is that once you save it in web format and upload via an ftp program, all the links work....and the links to the original articles, if they are also uploaded, are folks can click on the links and view the articles themselves.

Enough geek self-revelation for now. I'd be interested in feedback regarding the perceived value of EWOKS (much more polished, of course). Remember that the concept would be for special topic EWOKs to be constantly updated, revised, extended, etc.

A nicer example (without the pdf article links) can be found at this link.

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