Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Baby steps--Why an IQ blog?

My intentions are good...be patient with me. As per the therapy advocated in one of my favorite Bill Murray movies ("What about Bob?"), this endeavor will be in the form of "baby steps." :)

The idea of this blog is to provide a up-to-date bridge between intelligence theory and the applied practice of intelligence testing.

First, conflict(s) of interest need to be divulged. I, Kevin McGrew, have a commercial interest in the Woodcock-Johnson Battery--Third Edition (see www.iapsych.com for more information), a battery that includes both cognitive (intelligence) and achievement components.

However, my primary interest is in the
Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory of Human Cognitive Abilities and how it can be measured with stand-alone batteries (e.g., WJ III; SB5; K-ABC II) or with CHC-designed Cross-Battery methods. To get up-to-speed you are encouraged to read CHC Theory: Past, Present and Future (click to visit and read).The goal is to focus primarily on the CHC theory as the center from which all types of CHC assessments emerge.

Stay tuned. I make no promises. This one post may be it. We shall see.


wizardofzo said...

God, I hated that movie. A total fantasy that has never been replicated in reality. The one about the kid who went to Notre Dame was more like it, but, unfortunately, not as glamorous. I guess I should go read the report.

Kevin said...

Yes....the movie "Rudy" is more realistic and based on a true story as far as I know. Thanks for reminding me of that movie....I plan to use it when explaining these concepts.

Cathy Fiorello said...

Hey, I think this blog is a great idea! I have forwarded the url to our student listserv--may get some discussions going!
Cathy Fiorello, test geek

Kevin said...

Cathy....thanks. I'm open to distribution to this to any venue that will help educate the field. I'm open to any and all ideas with regard to format, topics, etc. Please feel free to send to the URL to any and all potential audiences.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Kev!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Kev!