Sunday, December 04, 2005

ISIR 2005 conference final note

ISIR 2005 is over. A damn good conference. For those interested in research and theory in intelligence, this is THE premiere conference. Also, it is very unique as it is a small fraternity/sorority of scholars who have been talking, disagreeing, etc for decades. The conference typically has around 50 in attendance, which results in a program where everyone watches and discusses every presentation in a single room. This results in a very rich and deep level of intellectual interchange and a very open and comfortable atmosphere, even for those of us who feel like we are simply lucky to be in the same room with these giants (Hunt, Gottfredson, Widaman, Bouchard, Lubinksi, etc.).

I look forward with great anticipation to next years conference in San Francisco. Finally, kudos to Doug Detterman and his students for coordinating yet another great meeting.

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