Saturday, February 11, 2012

IQ's Corner and Brain Clock "Times" daily

A number of months ago I started two different daily e-newspapers. It took a while to find feeds that provided good content related to each paper, but I think things are good now. However, I will continue to revise those feeds that are searched and incorporated with regularity.

The two papers are below with links to where you can subscribe by hitting the subscribe button at each page. You should be able to subsribe and have an email in your inbox each day. You do NOT need a Twitter or Facebook account to subsribe..which was a common complaint I had earlier. That problem turned out to be my error as I was providing people a link to my personal sign-in page.

Enjoy. There is some overlap in content.

IQ's Corner--Intelligent IQ Insights. This is associated with IQ's Corner Blog

The Brain Clock "Times." This is associated with the Brain Clock blog.

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