Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Journal of Educational Psychology - Online First Publications & Volume 104, Issue 1

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Journal of Educational Psychology

The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Journal of Educational Psychology:

Predicting Early Academic Failure in High School From Prior Academic Achievement, Psychosocial Characteristics, and Behavior.
Casillas, Alex;Robbins, Steve;Allen, Jeff;Kuo, Yi-Lung;Hanson, Mary Ann;Schmeiser, Cynthia

Finding Similarities and Differences in the Solutions of Word Problems.
Reed, Stephen K.;Stebick, Sara;Comey, Brittany;Carroll, Donja

Reader–Text Interactions: How Differential Text and Question Types Influence Cognitive Skills Needed for Reading Comprehension.
Eason, Sarah H.;Goldberg, Lindsay F.;Young, Katherine M.;Geist, Megan C.;Cutting, Laurie E.

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Switching on and switching off in mathematics: An ecological study of future intent and disengagement among middle school students.
Page 1-18
Martin, Andrew J.;Anderson, Judy;Bobis, Janette;Way, Jennifer;Vellar, Rosemary

Relationships among adolescents' perceptions of friends' behaviors, academic self-concept, and math performance.
Page 19-31
Jones, Martin H.;Audley-Piotrowski, Shannon R.;Kiefer, Sarah M.

Psychologically controlling teaching: Examining outcomes, antecedents, and mediators.
Page 108-120
Soenens, Bart;Sierens, Eline;Vansteenkiste, Maarten;Dochy, Filip;Goossens, Luc

Maternal mediation of word writing in Chinese across Hong Kong and Beijing.
Page 121-137
Lin, Dan;McBride-Chang, Catherine;Aram, Dorit;Shu, Hua;Levin, Iris;Cho, Jeung-Ryeul

Setting lower limits high: The role of boundary goals in achievement motivation.
Page 138-149
Corker, Katherine S.;Donnellan, M. Brent

Prevalence and nature of late-emerging poor readers.
Page 166-181
Catts, Hugh W.;Compton, Donald;Tomblin, J. Bruce;Bridges, Mindy Sittner

Online tutoring as a pivotal quality of web-based early literacy programs.
Page 182-192
Kegel, Cornelia A. T.;Bus, Adriana G.

Unraveling the mystery of mirror writing in typically developing children.
Page 193-205
Fischer, Jean-Paul;Tazouti, Youssef

Predicting first graders' development of calculation versus word-problem performance: The role of dynamic assessment.
Page 224-234
Seethaler, Pamela M.;Fuchs, Lynn S.;Fuchs, Douglas;Compton, Donald L.

Narrative games for learning: Testing the discovery and narrative hypotheses.
Page 235-249
Adams, Deanne M.;Mayer, Richard E.;MacNamara, Andrew;Koenig, Alan;Wainess, Richard

Verbal redundancy in multimedia learning environments: A meta-analysis.
Page 250-263
Adesope, Olusola O.;Nesbit, John C.

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