Monday, February 13, 2012

Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) model of intelligence v2.0 - Model summary and definitions document updated

Dr. Joel Schneider and I have crafted an abridged summary of our "tweaking" of the CHC taxonomy of broad and narrow ability definitions (CHC v2.0) published in the 3rd edition of Flanagan and Harrison's Contemporary Intellectual Assessment (CIA; 2012) book. The book chapter is extensive and does not included a table of revised definitions. Nor does it include a grand figure.Thus, we have developed such a summary and make it available here.  Also, the slides are available for viewing via  SlideShare.

Please be careful in the use of the definitions. In our chapter we expand on the definitions and include a section on "unresolved issues" the taxonomy is fluid and evolving and should not be seen as cast in stone. Purchasing the book and reading the complete chapter, as well as a ton of other excellent chapters in CIA-3, is strongly recommended.

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