Saturday, February 25, 2012

The "Time Doc" (K. McGrew) Voice of America interview on focus and "quieting the busy mind"

Why is a scholar in intelligence theory and testing spending time working with and researching the brain-clock based neurotechnology of Interactive Metronome?

I have now explained this connection on my recent internet radio show interview. In it you will learn why IM technology appears to increase focus (controlled attention; working memory) in a manner similar to mindfulness meditation and other brain fitness programs. You will learn that these technologies help to "quiet the busy" mind that is due to the default brain network, via the strengthening of the salience and central executive networks. The connection with general intelligence (g) is also discussed via Jensen's neural efficiency hypothesis and the temporal g notion of neural efficiency. If you want to read more, check out the Time Doc's posts at the IM-Home blog (check for posts under my name or under the category of "science"....and be sure to click on "see other stories" if it does not give you all the posts) These include the Time Doc's own personal experience with the IM-Home brain clock based technology.

My radio interview with Maureen Palmer (OT), on Voice of America (Focus Point Review) is now available for off-line listening via MP3 or iTunes format (as a podcast). You can access these and listen for free. If you have an iPod, iTouch, iPad, I would recommend downloading the free podcast.

To find the file you go to the following link and look for this section with the links. Click on either the MP3 or iTunes options...and enjoy. GIven it is off-line you can skip thru commercial's, fast forward, pause, etc.


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