Sunday, March 26, 2006

WJ III Evolving Web of Knowledge (EWOK) is given birth

Announcing the first IAP EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge)----the WJ III EWOK. [This project is why I have not been posting as frequently to IQs Corner blog during the past 3-4 weeks.]

What is an EWOK?

An EWOK is an web-based, visually-oriented "Evolving Web of Knowledge" regarding a specific domain of knowledge of interest to the Institute for Applied Psychometrics.

The goal of an EWOK is simple: To provide a centralized up-to-date source information regarding a specific topic that is revised/updated on a semi-regular basis.

The goal of the WJ III EWOK is simple - to provide up-to-date information that has accumlulated since the WJ III battery was published in 2001. That's it... a simple goal.

The curent version (3-25-06) is FAR from being complete, but I wanted to get this "out there"so people can benefit from the currently avaialbe WJ III EWOK information.

Feedback regarding this project is welcome.

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