Wednesday, March 22, 2006

National principles on defining reading proficiency and accessible large scale assessments

Yesterday the National Accessible Reading Assessment Projects (NARAP), a collaboration of projects funded by the U. S. Dept. of Education, Office of Special Educaiton Programs (OSEP), published "Defining reading proficiency for accessible large-scale assessments: Some guiding principles and issues" (click here to visit web sit and link to paper).

This document is the result of a year long consensus building process and will significantly influence the design and evaluation of large-scale (i.e., state testing) testing programs with regard to making assessments more accessible for students with disabilities. Whether you agree with the defition of reading proficiency included in the report, and/or the general approach (via the articulation of principles) to assessment of reading proficiency, those involved in assessments of kids with disabilities should be aware of the contents of this it will influence the activities of the two major partners in NARAP (DARA and PARA).

[Conlfict of interest disclosure - the blogmaster has a consulting contract with the PARA at the NCEO with regard to this project.

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