Friday, March 10, 2006

NEPSY test reviews and available CHC information - looking for more info

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I just took a peak at the most frequent search phrases that have lead people to this blog (IQs Corner). To my surprise, NEPSY is the top search phrase. I must confess that I only know about the NEPSY (a neuropsychological battery for children), do not own a copy I can review, nor have I ever given one. But, given the apparent thirst for information, I thought I'd provide some links to potential useful sources. It is the best I can do at this time.

First, of course, is the description and sales information re: the NEPSY from the publisher. [Hey...if anyone from Psych. Corp. is reading this blog, how about shipping me a free copy of the NEPSY so I can get familar with it....and then possibly post more informed stuff]

Next, I was able to find two independent reviews of the NEPSY, one in the Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, the second in the Clinical Neuropsychologist. Of course, readers can also purchase (on-line) a Burros review.

Another source is a brief discussion/overview in Hale and Fiorello's School Neuropsychology book. My friend and colleague Laurie Ford also has a brief overview in her preschool chapter in Flanagan and Harrison's 2nd edition of Contemporary Intellectual Assessment. Finally, the most comprehensive source (but not from a CHC perspective) would be Essentials of NEPSY Assessment.

Finally, of course, I would like to be able to provide information regarding the NEPSY individual tests from the perspective of the CHC theory of intelligence. I was unable to find a single summary table, but can report that Flanagan and Ortiz include CHC classifications in a table (that includes other tests from other batteries) in the Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment.

This is the best I can do with what I have. I would love to be able to direct readers to a single table or chapter that would discuss interpretaton of the NEPSY from the perspective of CHC theory. Are any readers aware if such information exists "out there..somewhere?" If such information exists, please post a comment and point me in the correct direction and I'll do my best to secure and summarize/post to this blog.

Geez...I feel like Oprah (and her infamous book club)......I just featured/promoted all kinds of books [Please note, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a coauther for any of the books featured here in this post...although I have a chapter in the CIA text..already received my little stipend]

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