Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bloggin on the road @ two CA conferences

I'm on the road again. I arrived this afternoon to attend the West Coast Neuropsychology Conference in San Diego (for the first time). I will be here 3 days, and then off to NASP (Anaheim) for 6 more.

I do not think I will attempt to "blog live" (like I did from ISIR) but, I do hope to engage in some form of fyi reports, latest flashes, etc. Heck...I brought my camera and may even post some pics from the conferences.

An upside of travel is that I tend to have more time (usually on planes) to read. I absored two interesting articles on the flight out and will post information regarding them as soon as I can trudle over to a Starbucks to enjoy coffee and wifi. One article is on the relationship between large and small scale Gv abilities and the other a review of the validity of the reading "double deficit" hypothesis.

More later. No promises on how much I blog..nor the content. A guy has to have some fun.

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