Friday, March 10, 2006

The Joint Psychological and Eduational Test Standards

I know that most of the folks who read this blog already know about the Joint Test Standards, but it never ceases to amaze me how many academics and practitioners who are involved in using psychological and educational tests are completely unaware of the Joint APA/AERA/NCME Test Standards.

This is a MUST reference all individuals engaged in the development and use of psychological and educational assessment instruments should have access too. It not only prescribes what test developers/authors must do, it also provides standards for the users of tests (including educational institutions--like schools). These are THE standards in the world of test development that folks are supposed to follow and report on in thier technical manuals. These are the standards against which users should evaluate the technial adequacy of instruments. These are the standards against which most professional reviews are based and, these are the standards that will most likely be used in litigious situations.

It may be hard to get Oprah to pitch this book, but here at IQs is a must have reference text.

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