Friday, March 10, 2006

More on math disabilities and early number sense

The BBC story on the possible localization of brain regions related to serious math disorders (dyscalculia) has been making the rounds in the blogsphere. I was first made aware of the news report from Al Fin. The Gene Expression blog has now picked up on the posting and has amplified the available information via links to two recommended books and one related journal article.

To continue the amplification of this thread, I'd like to alert readers to an interesting article (Jordan, 2006) I had skimmed just the other day that reported a longitudinal study of children (kindergarten) at risk for math difficulties. What I found of particular interest was the introduction and conceptual overview of the major components of early number sense....something I had not studied much before. CHC'rs...file under Gq and Gf-RQ.

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