Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Internet and computer use during classroom testing--fyi to NBC news story

Interesting and timely story on NBC news tonight regarding the use of the internet/computers in school classrooms to help students with quizes/tests. I find this particularly interesting given my post the other day re: the same topic....the value of pop quizes on academic achievement.

As we all can remember from our days in school, the purpose of pop quizes and my classroom tests, are to help students learn, and hopefully develop independent learning strategies, such as "self-testing." The use of tests in this context makes sense when one examines the cognitive psychology literature on self-regulated learning. Of course, the use of computers and the internet on high-stakes accountabilty/graduation tests is an animal of a different color.

But...if the goal of this use of technology is to help students learn, and more importantly, to develop life-long self-regulated learning strategies, then this makes considerable sense.

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