Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WISC-III Arithmetic test: CFA with WJ III

Ok....I'm officially a geek. I'm having lunch at a grant-related mtg in DC and making a post to my blog in response to a thread on the IAPCHC listserv that I received via wifi during the meeting (yes...I can get a bit distracted when asked to sit all day)
The following question was posted to the listserv today:
  • "The Arithmetic subtest on the WISC seems to be a lost child trying to find a home. On the WISC III it was in the VCI which was primarily a Gc area, then on the WISC IV it falls within the Gsm area. But when I read the WISC Essentials book, Arithmetic is used to help find Gf. Of course, it goes without saying (or does it) that Arit falls under Gq.
  • Question....is Arithmetic really a lost child? Does it have a home or does it have multiple homes (a mansion, townhome, and a small studio). "
A recent joint CFA study of the WISC-III and WJ III (Phelps, McGrew, Knopik & Ford, 2005) found, when evaluated within the context of a relatively "complete" set of CHC indicators, the WISC-III Arithmetic test is primarily a measure of Gq (.60+ loading) , with some possible low Gs variance (.20+ loading).

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