Thursday, November 10, 2005

Intelligence testing blog is taking off ?

The above graph shows the trend in blog readership of this blog. I'm happy to see that there has been a noticeable unpward trend in readership over the past few weeks. Can this mean that people are finding this blog useful? It does show that I've got some "regulars" (thanks to all of you).

This is reinforcing to an educational psychologist....concrete data-based feedback.

Please spread the word about this blog.....lets get more readers. If I can get a larger consistent regular readership I might then be able to rationalize spending even more time feeding the blog monster and possibly bringing on other contributors.

Spead the gospel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is the best psychology blog on the web. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My only regret is my fear that I'm going to miss something great because I only check it now and then. Talk about a wealth of information.