Monday, November 07, 2005

Dean Woodcock Sensory-Motor Battery

FYI for those doing neuropsychological clinical/research work.

I've been surprised how many folks are not aware of the Dean-Woodcock Sensory-Motor Battery. I'm not a neuropsychologist by training, but have tried to keep up with the assessment related literature. It has been my understanding that a major limitation of the typical sensory-motor tests (administered by neuropsych types) is that they typically represent an ad hoc collection of various tests developed by different folks, normed on different groups (often very small "normals"), etc. The DWSM battery seems to address some of these major measurement issues as the tests were based on a common sample. I would urge you folks to take a peak.

[Conflict of Interest Disclosure - I am a Riverside test author, namely, the Woodcock-Johnson III, and thus may benefit indirectly from sales of this battery. I do NOT receive any renumeration from DWSM battery sales]

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