Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wechsler Block Design error analysis references

Thanks to James Hale who, over on the NASP listerv, provided some references regarding error analyses of performance on the Wechsler Block Design test.

As stated by James Hale in regard to Block Design error analysis thread:

"There have been several interesting studies looking at block design error analyses. Edith Kaplan and Dean Delis have written extensively on the BD error patterns, and several other studies have looked at global-right hemisphere/local-left hemisphere errors, and how this relates to processing speed and cognitive development. For example:
  • Moses et al. (2000) Functional MRI of Global and Local Processing in Children. NeuroImage, 16, 415-424.
  • Schatz et al. (2000). A Hierarchical Analysis of Block Design Errors in Children With Early Focal Brain Damage, Developmental Neuropsychology, 17, 75-83 (click here to view article)
I also located the following in the IAP Reference Database a free on-line searchable reference database of literature hand selected by this blogmaster over the past 10-15 years.
  • Jones, R. S., & Torgesen, J. K. (1981). Analysis of behaviors involved in performance of the Block Design Subtest of the WISC-R. Intelligence, 5(4), 321-328. (click here to view article)
  • Vasterling, J. J., Rogers, C., & Kaplan, E. (2000). Qualitative block design analysis in posttraumatic stress disorder. Assessment, 7(3), 217-226.
Finally, the Siskel and Ebert of school psychology (Willis and Dumont) also have useful information at their web page---"As the block turns."

And the list continues. Joel Schneider just sent me yet another article related to Block Design performance. Click here to view.
  • Rozencqaga, P & Corroyerb, D. (2001). Strategy development in a block design task. Intelligence 30 (2001) 1–25

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