Thursday, November 17, 2005

WJ III CHC domain-specific academic hypotheses

Over the past 4-5 years I, together with a number of colleagues (Tim Keith, Gordon Taub, Randy Floyd, Jeff Evans) have together, and separately, completed a wide variety of multivariate analyses with the WJ III norm data. These analyses have focused on identifying the CHC abilities (and WJ III measures of those abilities) most strongly associated with beginning reading and math. These analyses have included step-wise multiple regression and structural equation modeling.

Whenever I've presented these findings at workshops, I've tried to distill the essence of these published and unpublished findings in visual-graphic form. I've found that participants find these summaries particularly helpful.

By clicking here you can view/download a pdf copy of four of my PPT summary slides. I believe the slides are self-explanatory.

The gist is that the slides attempt to show which CHC abilities, as measured by the WJ III clusters/tests, are most associated with beginning reading and math achievement. The most unique information is the last column where I list the most important WJ III tests. This column represents my arm-chair synthesis of a series of unpublished step-wise (backward stepping) multiple regression of the WJ III norm data where all relevant cognitive measures (from the WJ III Cog, the WJ III Diagnostic Supplement; the language tests from the WJ III Ach) were entered as possible predictors.

It is important to note that the WJ III authors recommend interpretation at the cluster score level, but sometimes knowledge of the most potent individual test predictors might be useful. It is hoped this information may help as assessment professionals work to develop new and more flexible selective/referral-focused assessment and screening in light of future changes in special education assessment models. Not all kids need "full" batteries. Selective and judicious use of important predictors/markers might be useful in early screening together with measures of basic academic skills.

Potential conflict of interest noted in my blog profile, I am a WJ III coauthor.


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