Sunday, November 27, 2005

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I hope all of you had a pleasant turkey holiday (those readers in the US). I'm hitting the road for the next 6 days...two days in Washington, DC for a technical work group advisory meeting on a national special education center grant on alternative assessments (for kids with disabilities) and then attendance (and presenting) at the International Society for the Study of Intelligence (ISIR) conference in Albuquerque, NM. Just a few tidbits before departing:

  • I have heard much about podcasting and tonight discovered the first (for me) podcast dealing with a topic related to this blog. I've only listened to one session, but thought others might want to see what the podcast buzz is all about. Check out the ADHD Podcaster blog....very interesting technology. I wonder if people would like to hear my voice musing over topics, etc. Comments anyone?
  • The following idea is NOT a promise...just a wild idea. I'm toying with the idea of blogging live (technically not live....more "delayed but on site") from the ISIR conference. If I can focus and the technology works, I might try posting regular updates re: the latest and greatest breaking news and tidbits from the premiere intelligence research conference (ISIR). Stay tunned. If I do, I will send a few FYI notes to the NASP and CHC listservs (any other listservs people think might be interested? Post a "comment" if you have a recommendation.)
  • I will continue to monitor the pulse of other related blogs and hope to continue regular posts while on the road........
"On the road again......."

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poet said...

podcasts would be a fine idea:)

Anonymous said...

Here's another ADHD Podcast that's very good.