Thursday, November 10, 2005

Creativity (Glr) and biplor - "touched by fire" - what the blogmaster is reading

I've always been fascinated by the long-held belief that there is a link between 'creativity and madness" (I'm quoting others...don't jump on me for the PC-incorrect use of the word "madness"----just tagging off what has been said by others for years).

Over on the Science Blog is a post re: a new study that tends to support a link between bipolar and creativity. Interesting reading.

This post caught my eye as I'm currently in the middle of reading a book by one of my favorite mental health authors---Kay Redfield Jamison. Dr. Jamison is a psychiatarist who has bipolar disorder. She became well known with the publication of her biographical "The unquiet mind"...probably the best personal description I've read of the disorder from the inside. In addition to The Unquiet Mind, Dr. Jamison also has authored a book that explores the link between creativity and mental illness...."Touched by Fire."

The current book I'm reading is called "Exuberance: The Passion for Life." Reviews of the book have been great with the Washington Post Book World, Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Discover Magazine all describing it as "one of the best books of the year."

Dr. Jamison has a knack for exploring professional issues in a very readable and entertaining style.

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