Thursday, March 07, 2013

Research Byte: Counting and RAN: Predictors of Arithmetic Calculation and Reading Fluency

AU Koponen, T
Salmi, P
Eklund, K
Aro, T
AF Koponen, Tuire
Salmi, Paula
Eklund, Kenneth
Aro, Tuija
TI Counting and RAN: Predictors of Arithmetic Calculation and Reading
AB This study examined whether counting and rapid automatized naming (RAN)
could operate as significant predictors of both later arithmetic
calculation and reading fluency. The authors also took an important step
to clarify the cognitive mechanisms underlying these predictive
relationships by controlling for the effect of phonological awareness
and verbal short-term memory. Due to rather strong covariance between
verbal short-term memory and phonological awareness, short-term memory
could be controlled only partially. Participants, 200 children from a
longitudinal study, were followed from age 5 to 10 years. Structural
equation modeling showed counting to be a strong predictor, not only of
later calculation but also of reading fluency. Similarly, RAN predicted
later calculation as well as reading fluency. These results indicated
that counting and RAN were not skill-specific predictors. Phonological
awareness explained part of counting and RAN. However, the predictive
effects of these 2 skills on calculation and reading remained even after
phonological awareness and partially for verbal short-term memory were
controlled. Thus, further exploration of other cognitive processes
underlying these 2 abilities is needed.
PY 2013
VL 105
IS 1
BP 162
EP 175

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