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The Transition From Informal to Formal Mathematical Knowledge: Mediation by Numeral Knowledge.

DJ Purpura, AJ Baroody, CJ Lonigan - 2013
Abstract 1. The purpose of the present study was to determine if numeral knowledge—the
ability to identify Arabic numerals and connect Arabic numerals to their respective quantities—
mediates the relation between informal and formal mathematical knowledge. A total of 206 ...

Indirect Effects of the Family Check-Up on School-Age Academic Achievement Through Improvements in Parenting in Early Childhood.

LM Brennan, EC Shelleby, DS Shaw, F Gardner… - 2013
Abstract 1. This project examined the hypothesis that the impact of the Family Check-Up on
parent use of positive behavior support would indirectly improve academic achievement
scores at school age. The study included a sample of 731 high-risk families recruited from ...

Specific aspects of cognitive and language proficiency account for variability in neural indices of semantic and syntactic processing in children

AH Wray, C Weber-Fox - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 2013
Abstract The neural activity mediating language processing in young children is
characterized by large individual variability that is likely related in part to individual strengths
and weakness across various cognitive abilities. The current study addresses the ...

A cross-battery, reference variable, confirmatory factor analytic investigation of the CHC taxonomy

MR Reynolds, TZ Keith, DP Flanagan, VC Alfonso - Journal of School Psychology, 2013
Abstract The Cattell–Horn–Carroll (CHC) taxonomy has been used to classify and describe
human cognitive abilities. The ability factors derived from the CHC taxonomy are often
assumed to be invariant across multiple populations and intelligence batteries, which is ...

Family Inventory of Resources and Stressors: Further Examination of the Psychometric Properties

MA Cassidy, EC Lawrence, CG Vierbuchen, T Konold - Marriage & Family Review, 2013
To understand and fully incorporate low-income, multiproblem families into treatment,
clinicians need a comprehensive yet efficient assessment tool that addresses both family
resources and stressors and privileges the family's voice. The Family Inventory of ...

Is oral/text reading fluency a "bridge" to reading comprehension?

YS Kim, CH Park, RK Wagner - Reading and Writing
Abstract In the present study we investigated developmental relations among word reading
fluency, listening comprehension, and text reading fluency to reading comprehension in a
relatively transparent language, Korean. A total of 98 kindergartners and 170 first graders ...

Interpreting the g loadings of intelligence test composite scores in light of Spearman's law of diminishing returns.

MR Reynolds - School psychology quarterly: the official journal of the …, 2013
The linear loadings of intelligence test composite scores on a general factor (g) have been
investigated recently in factor analytic studies. Spearman's law of diminishing returns
(SLODR), however, implies that the g loadings of test scores likely decrease in magnitude ...

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