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Journal Alert: Neuropsychology - Volume 27, Issue 2

Neuropsychology Volume 27, Issue 2, (Mar)

Body mass index and neurocognitive functioning across the adult lifespan.
Page 141-151
Stanek, Kelly M.; Strain, Gladys; Devlin, Michael; Cohen, Ronald; Paul, Robert; Crosby, Ross D.; Mitchell, James E.; Gunstad, John

Reduced behavioral flexibility in autism spectrum disorders.
Page 152-160
D'Cruz, Anna-Maria; Ragozzino, Michael E.; Mosconi, Matthew W.; Shrestha, Sunil; Cook, Edwin H.; Sweeney, John A.

Directing attention based on incidental learning in children with autism spectrum disorder.
Page 161-169
Jiang, Yuhong V.; Capistrano, Christian G.; Esler, Amy N.; Swallow, Khena M.

Prospective memory in Parkinson disease during a virtual week: Effects of both prospective and retrospective demands.
Page 170-181
Foster, Erin R.; Rose, Nathan S.; McDaniel, Mark A.; Rendell, Peter G.

Emotional and cognitive social processes are impaired in Parkinson's disease and are related to behavioral disorders.
Page 182-192
Narme, Pauline; Mouras, Harold; Roussel, Martine; Duru, Cécile; Krystkowiak, Pierre; Godefroy, Olivier

ADHD performance reflects inefficient but not impulsive information processing: A diffusion model analysis.
Page 193-200
Metin, Baris; Roeyers, Herbert; Wiersema, Jan R.; van der Meere, Jaap J.; Thompson, Margaret; Sonuga-Barke, Edmund

Behavioral correlates of reaction time variability in children with and without ADHD.
Page 201-209
Antonini, Tanya N.; Narad, Megan E.; Langberg, Joshua M.; Epstein, Jeffery N.

Changes in cognitive performance over a 1-year period in children and adolescents with multiple sclerosis.
Page 210-219
Till, Christine; Racine, Nicole; Araujo, David; Narayanan, Sridar; Collins, D. Louis; Aubert-Broche, Berengere; Arnold, Douglas L.; Banwell, Brenda

The relationship between working memory capacity and broad measures of cognitive ability in healthy adults and people with schizophrenia.
Page 220-229
Johnson, Melissa K.; McMahon, Robert P.; Robinson, Benjamin M.; Harvey, Alexander N.; Hahn, Britta; Leonard, Carly J.; Luck, Steven J.; Gold, James M.

Linking mathematical modeling with human neuroimaging to segregate verbal working memory maintenance processes from stimulus encoding.
Page 243-255
McKenna, Benjamin S.; Brown, Gregory G.; Drummond, Sean P. A.; Turner, Travis H.; Mano, Quintino R.

Motor laterality as an indicator of speech laterality.
Page 256-265
Flowers, Kenneth A.; Hudson, John M.

Extinction and anti-extinction: The "attentional waiting" hypothesis.
Page 275-279
Watling, Rosamond; Danckert, James; Linnell, Karina J.; Cocchini, Gianna

Using testing to improve learning after severe traumatic brain injury.
Page 280-285
Pastötter, Bernhard; Weber, Jasmin; Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T.

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