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Journal Alert: Psychometrika, Vol. 78, Issue 2 - New Issue Alert

Saturday, March 23

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In this issue:
Seeking a Balance Between the Statistical and Scientific Elements in Psychometrics
Mark Wilson
Abstract    Full text PDF

In Memoriam Joseph B. Kruskal 1928–2010
J. Douglas Carroll & Phipps Arabie
Abstract    Full text PDF

Modeling fMRI Data: Challenges and Opportunities
Alberto Maydeu-Olivares & Gregory Brown
Abstract    Full text PDF

Extracting Intrinsic Functional Networks with Feature-Based Group Independent Component Analysis
Vince D. Calhoun & Elena Allen
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Hierarchical Modeling Approach to Data Analysis and Study Design in a Multi-site Experimental fMRI Study
Bo Zhou, Anna Konstorum, Thao Duong, Kinh H. Tieu, William M. Wells, Gregory G. Brown, Hal S. Stern & Babak Shahbaba
Abstract    Full text PDF

State-Space Analysis of Working Memory in Schizophrenia: An FBIRN Study
Firdaus Janoos, Gregory Brown, Istvan Á. Mórocz & William M. Wells
Abstract    Full text PDF

An Introduction to Normalization and Calibration Methods in Functional MRI
Thomas T. Liu, Gary H. Glover, Bryon A. Mueller, Douglas N. Greve & Gregory G. Brown
Abstract    Full text PDF

A New Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Methodology for Latent Category Identification
Simon J. Blanchard & Wayne S. DeSarbo
Abstract    Full text PDF

Identification of the 1PL Model with Guessing Parameter: Parametric and Semi-parametric Results
Ernesto San Martín, Jean-Marie Rolin & Luis M. Castro
Abstract    Full text PDF

Factor Analysis with EM Algorithm Never Gives Improper Solutions when Sample Covariance and Initial Parameter Matrices Are Proper
Kohei Adachi
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