Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More support for CHC interpretation of the WAIS-IV

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Yet another CFA study of the WAIS-IV standardization data that suggests the CHC framework is likely the most vablid interpretative framework for the WAIS-IV. Other posts in support of this conclusion can be found here and here.

Of particular note is the continued finding, consistent with my interpretation of the literature that the Arithmetic subtest is a factorially complex and mixed measure of 2-3 different CHC domains and thus, should NOT be interpreted as a strong indicator of any particular CHC domain. This does not mean it is a bad test. On the contrary, factorially complex tests are sometimes some of the best predictors of other outcomes because they measure multiple abilities (which makes them function as mini g-proxies). The point, reinforced by this latest study, is that Arithmetic is not a good strong indicator of a single CHC domain and has considerable construct irrelevant variance when interpreted within a CHC framework

Conflict of interest note - I am a coauthor of the WJ III which is a competitor to the WAIS-IV

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