Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW FEATURE: "IQs Corner-Intelligent IQ Insights" daily e-newspaper

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I am pleased to offer a new way to keep current (if you are interested) in content I produce at my three professional blogs (with IQs Corner being the primary core) and my professional Twitter account, as well as select other professional sources of info I monitor daily. AND.....drum roll, you don't need to learn about RSS or Twitter feeds or visit my blogs.

Instead, each day you can receive in your email box a custom e-paper that features all new info culled during the prior 24 hours. You just need to subscribe to the paper (IQs Corner-Intelligent IQ Insights) and enter your email with the email box button. Then sit back and wait for delivery.

You can also visit my blogs and find a feature box where you click and are taken to the paper and then sign up.

This is different than the blog-specific email signup feature available at all my blogs that comes in a simple email...that provides only my blog content without other sources found in the e-paper.

This is a work in progress and content sources may change. Enjoy

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