Sunday, November 08, 2009

What does the WAIS-IV measure ? Applied Psychometrics 101 Report 2

What does the WAIS-IV measure?:  CHC analysis and beyond.

IAP AP101 # 2 report is now available (click here for other AP101 reports and briefs).  "IAP AP101 IQ TEST SCORE DIFFERENCE SERIES #2: What does the WAIS-IV measure? CHC analysis and beyond" can be viewed  or downloaded by clicking here.

The PPT files are also viewable and downloadable via SlideShare.

The WAIS-IV (2008) is the latest revision of the adult Wechsler battery. The addition of new, and deletion of old tests, plus a more-factor based foundation for the composite indexes, requires psychologists to be familiar with the best possible interpretative structure of the venerable battery. In this PowerPoint based report, the available published and unpublished confirmatory factor studies of the WAIS-IV subtests are summarized. They are then augmented via a series of new exploratory data analysis of the WAIS-IV. It is concluded that the currently available structural research argues for a CHC-based organization of WAIS subtest scores that differs from the suggested structure provided by the test publisher. In addition, exploratory methods, when combined with similar analysis of the WJ III battery, provide support for possible intermediate level CHC dimensions (between g and the Gf-Gc broad abilities) in the contemporary CHC theory of intelligence.

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