Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Excercise and executive functioning - good for young adults also

Science Daily summarizes a recent study that suggests that exercise, which the extant research has linked to improved neurological/brain function in older adults, may also help younger adults, in this case with regard to executive functioning. Below is the full abstract as well as a link to the complete article.

Abstract (click here for more)
  • Previous reports have indicated a small, positive relationship between physical activity and cognition. However, the majority of research has focused on older adults, with few studies examining this relationship during earlier periods of the life span. This study examined the relationship of physical activity to cognition in a cross section of 241 community dwelling individuals 1571 years of age with a task requiring variable amounts of executive control. Data were analyzed with multiple regression, which controlled for age, sex, and IQ. Participants reported their physical activity behavior and were tested for reaction time (RT) and response accuracy on congruent and incongruent conditions of a flanker task, which manipulates interference control. After controlling for confounding variables, an age related slowing of RT was observed during both congruent and incongruent flanker conditions. However, physical activity was associated with faster RT during these conditions, regardless of age. Response accuracy findings indicated that increased physical activity was associated with better performance only during the incongruent condition for the older cohort. Findings suggest that physical activity may be beneficial to both general and selective aspects of cognition, particularly among older adults.
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