Thursday, December 07, 2006

Flynn Effect and Ravens test webcast

The Raven Progressive Matrices and the Flynn Effect: Review and Recent Research . Thursday, December 7th 2:30 PM Central Standard Time (Minneapolis/Chicago time)

  • For more than 20 years, it has been known that IQ is increasing in many countries around the world at the rate of about three standard score points per decade. For the same length of time, debate has raged over the underlying causes and meaning of this effect. While the degree of improvement is not uniform, and there is some suggestion that the effect may be diminishing or reversing in some regions, the "Flynn Effect" nevertheless is accepted as a real phenomenon that defies simple explanation.
  • In this special, 90 minute presentation, Dr. John Raven of the University of Edinburgh, will present wide-ranging data Raven Progressive Matrices normative studies --and a host of other sources--to provide a compelling explanation of the Flynn effect and address recent claims that the effect may be diminishing. This will be a remarkable lecture by a speaker whose grasp of source material is almost unparalleled.
  • Dr. Raven is presenting as a special lecturer for the University of Minnesota Medical School Psychology Internship didactic seminar series, however, all are invited to attend live or tune-in via the webcast. The event occurs on Thursday, December 7th, 2:30 to 4:00 CST. Room 12-109/12-115, Phillips-Wangensteen Building, University of Minnesota Medical School campus.
  • View the webcast by clicking here. You may log in as a guest. You may be prompted to install the Breeze meeting add-in. Remote attendees will be able to submit questions via the "chat" interface. The webcast will be recorded for later viewing.
  • For more information, contact Steve Hughes at 612-625-4287 or
  • Thanks to the TOVA Company for providing equipment used for this webcast.
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