Thursday, December 07, 2006

Advertising on IQs Corner blog

Yesterday I made a post re: the opening up of advertising space on my blog via a professional service. I have had a few initial inquiries, and as per usual, the requests wanted to negotiate something a bit different than that offered by the service. Thus, I've changed my mind. I'm going to cut out the middle man and handle all the ad space work myself. This will allow me to respond more flexibly to possible advertisers.

First...why am I offering ads at this point in time?

Simple. I LOVE blogging. IQs Corner (and now the sister blog...Tick Talk Tock: The IQ Brain Clock) are real labors of love..and are, more-or-less, hobbies. However, I'm not able to spend as much time as I would like with this blog. If I had the time I could be posting considerable more material and could add new features. However, blogging comes at the expense of other work, projects, contracts, etc....all that pay the bills. Long story short---If this blog could generate a little "ching" in my pocket, I could then rationalize stealing time from other activities and do more.

With that in mind, the purpose of this note is to alert potential advertisers(e.g., individuals, educational and/or psychological publishing companies, book publishers; organizations, etc.) that it is now possible to place simple ads on IQs Corner at an introductory blow-out rate [contact me for details]. This is a deal! If this works and traffic continues to increase, the rates will increase. So...get in while the gettin' is good. I will change the rates when I see fit. The current rate is a bargain. If you are an advertiser and want to make me a "creative proposal" (multiple ads; more than six months)...then fire away. Contact me at

Why should anyone consider advertising on this blog? A few random pieces of data below:

  • You can't beat the introductory ad rate. [Or, make me an offer I can't refuse]
  • IQs Corner blog traffic continues to increase. A review of the hit counter information suggests the recent traffic upswing was largely due to increased recognition of this blog in the on-line internet encyclopedia - Wikipedia. This blog is now listed as a resource under the Wiki topics of "intelligence" and "intelligence quotient/iq." These highly visible links are providing constant new traffic to IQs Corner.
  • If you "Google" such terms/phrases as intelligence testing, CHC theory, and/or Cattell Horn Carroll, you will see that either this blog, or the IAP home web page (which in turn links to IQs Corner), typically show up on the first page of the Google search results. This blog, and the related IAP web site, has an established internet presence in the field of intelligence theories and testing, psychological theory, educational and school psychology, neuropsychology, etc.
  • Your ad money should reach a group of readers who are interested in staying abreast of contemporary research in intelligence theories, intelligence testing, educational psychology, school psychology, special education, and general psychological and educational theory and assessment.
  • You would help a great guy keep his hobby going :)
Advertising rates are currently set at the introductory rate. As traffic increases at this site, it is possible that these rates may be increased (they will be reviewed quarterly). If you are an advertiser and want to place multiple adds or want to sponsor an add for more than six months, then lets "talk turkey" about possible special rates.

The placement of an ad does not imply endorsement of the advertising company or products by Kevin McGrew, the Institute for Applied Psychometrics, or IQs Corner Blog. It is just a way to try keep this blog hobby viable.

Let the games begin. This is an experiment. I hope this "back scratch" works for all involved.

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Ettsem said...
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Ettsem said...

Sorry for the re-post; the comments cut off the URLs I cited.


I have come up with a meme-oriented formalism which enabled me to assess consciousness (including my own, which was intriguing) by providing a means to map out concepts in N-Dimensional space. This led me to a generalized description of how thinking occurs.

The formalism is described on my personal blog, at this URL:

This leads to a generalized description:

My question: does a similar mathematic entity exist (in set theory perhaps) that is similar to the "Fuzzy Self-Similar Definition" described in the first article?