Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blog status - blogmaster has been recovering

Regular readers may have noticed a dip in my blog activity the past 1.5 weeks. As noted previously, I alerted readers to the fact that I was going to be "on the road again." That expected decrease in blog activity was extended for a longer period of time due to my involvement (as a passenger) in a car accident on 12-1-02.

Without getting into details, I've been dealing with some back, neck and shoulder pain and muscle problems this past week and have found it difficult to focus on work, partially due to the side effects of the pain medication and my increased need to sleep and rest. This weekend I believe I've rounded the corner with regard to the pain and my need for extra rest. I hope to gradually increase my blogging activity this week.

Thanks for your patience. The good news is that the hit counter for this humble blog has remained steady...which provides me the motivation to get back in the bloggin' saddle.


JEvans said...

How is the Z4? Glad you are OK.


Steve Higgins said...

feel better!
You should really think about writing some drug induced random rants!
they are always entertaining - well to other people at least.

Kevin McGrew said...

Jeff. Thanks for the post. The Z4 is fine. I was a passenger in someone elses SUV....thank goodness. pose an interesting idea. Maybe I could load up on vicodin and rant and rave..who knows, maybe it might produce some of my most creative stuff. Thanks again.