Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Journal Alert: Neuropsychology - Online First Publications & Volume 27, Issue 5

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The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Neuropsychology:

Decision-Making Deficits Persist After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.
Al-Khindi, Timour; Macdonald, R. Loch; Schweizer, Tom A.

Neuropsychological Deficits Associated With Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Are Not Exacerbated by ADHD.
Glass, Leila; Ware, Ashley L.; Crocker, Nicole; Deweese, Benjamin N.; Coles, Claire D.; Kable, Julie A.; May, Philip A.; Kalberg, Wendy O.; Sowell, Elizabeth R.; Jones, Kenneth Lyons; Riley, Edward P.; Mattson, Sarah N.

Subtle Adverse Effects of Late Preterm Birth: A Cautionary Note.
Sue Baron, Ida; Weiss, Brandi A.; Baker, Robin; Khoury, Alfred; Remsburg, Irina; Thermolice, Jean W.; Litman, Fern R.; Ahronovich, Margot D.

Estimating the Passage of Minutes: Deviant Oscillatory Frontal Activity in Medicated and Unmedicated ADHD.
Wilson, Tony W.; Heinrichs-Graham, Elizabeth; White, Matthew L.; Knott, Nichole L.; Wetzel, Martin W.

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Relationship between Stroop performance and resting state functional connectivity in cognitively normal older adults.
Page 516-528
Duchek, Janet M.; Balota, David A.; Thomas, Jewell B.; Snyder, Abraham Z.; Rich, Patrick; Benzinger, Tammie L.; Fagan, Anne M.; Holtzman, David M.; Morris, John C.; Ances, Beau M.

Motor demands impact speed of information processing in autism spectrum disorders.
Page 529-536
Kenworthy, Lauren; Yerys, Benjamin E.; Weinblatt, Rachel; Abrams, Danielle N.; Wallace, Gregory L.

Separate components of emotional go/no-go performance relate to autism versus attention symptoms in children with autism.
Page 537-545
Yerys, Benjamin E.; Kenworthy, Lauren; Jankowski, Kathryn F.; Strang, John; Wallace, Gregory L.

Spatial processing in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Page 546-555
Kalanthroff, E.; Naparstek, S.; Henik, A.

Dopaminergic medication counteracts conflict adaptation in patients with Parkinson's disease.
Page 556-561
Duthoo, Wout; Braem, Senne; Houtman, Femke; Schouppe, Nathalie; Santens, Patrick; Notebaert, Wim

Moral decision-making and theory of mind in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease.
Page 562-572
Rosen, Jan B.; Brand, Matthias; Polzer, Christin; Ebersbach, Georg; Kalbe, Elke

Auditory-visual localization in hemianopia.
Page 573-582
Lewald, Jörg; Kentridge, Robert W.; Peters, Sören; Tegenthoff, Martin; Heywood, Charles A.; Hausmann, Markus

Neural correlates of quantity processing of numeral classifiers.
Page 583-594
Cui, Jiaxin; Yu, Xiaodan; Yang, Hong; Chen, Chuansheng; Liang, Peipeng; Zhou, Xinlin

Brain white matter tract integrity and cognitive abilities in community-dwelling older people: The Lothian Birth Cohort, 1936.
Page 595-607
Booth, Tom; Bastin, Mark E.; Penke, Lars; Maniega, Susana Muñoz; Murray, Catherine; Royle, Natalie A.; Gow, Alan J.; Corley, Janie; Henderson, Ross D.; Hernández, Maria del C. Valdés; Starr, John M.; Wardlaw, Joanna M.; Deary, Ian J.

Is social attention impaired in schizophrenia? Gaze, but not pointing gestures, is associated with spatial attention deficits.
Page 608-613
Dalmaso, Mario; Galfano, Giovanni; Tarqui, Luana; Forti, Bruno; Castelli, Luigi

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