Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Expo Day @ 2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit [feedly]

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Expo Day @ 2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

2013 SharpBrains SummitQuick heads-up: this Friday, September 27th, we'll have several Summit presentations as part of Expo Day. Registered participants will receive final instructions via email. All times below reflect US Pacific Time.

8:30–9:15am. Sharp­Brains. Alvaro Fer­nan­dez, pre­sent­ing The Sharp­Brains Guide to Brain Fit­ness: How to Opti­mize Brain Health and Per­for­mance at Any Age (April 2013; 284 pages).

9:30–10:15am. The Alzheimer's Research & Pre­ven­tion Foun­da­tion. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, pre­sent­ing research and prac­tice around self-guided Kir­tan Kriya med­i­ta­tion.

10:30–11:15am. Dig­i­tal Arte­facts. Joan Sev­er­son, pre­sent­ing Brain­Base­line app.

11:30–12:15pm. Inter­ac­tive Metronome. Matthew Wukasch and Kevin McGrew, pre­sent­ing clin­i­cal uses of Inter­ac­tive Metronome.

12.30-1pm. USC Davis Cen­ter for Dig­i­tal Aging. Dr. Eliz­a­beth Zelin­ski, on the role of per­sonal brain health to sup­port healthy liv­ing across the lifespan.

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