Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Journal Alert: Journal of Educational Psychology - Online First Publications & Volume 105, Issue 1

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Journal of Educational Psychology

The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Journal of Educational Psychology:

Complex Problem Solving in Educational Contexts—Something Beyond g: Concept, Assessment, Measurement Invariance, and Construct Validity.
Greiff, Samuel; Wüstenberg, Sascha; Molnár, Gyöngyvér; Fischer, Andreas; Funke, Joachim; Csapó, Benő

  • A new issue is available:

The effects of a concept map-based support tool on simulation-based inquiry learning.
Page 1-24
Hagemans, Mieke G.; van der Meij, Hans; de Jong, Ton

Examining dimensions of self-efficacy for writing.
Page 25-38
Bruning, Roger; Dempsey, Michael; Kauffman, Douglas F.; McKim, Courtney; Zumbrunn, Sharon

Autonomy and task performance: Explaining the impact of grades on intrinsic motivation.
Page 39-57
Pulfrey, Caroline; Darnon, Céline; Butera, Fabrizio

Effects of first-grade number knowledge tutoring with contrasting forms of practice.
Page 58-77
Fuchs, Lynn S.; Geary, David C.; Compton, Donald L.; Fuchs, Douglas; Schatschneider, Christopher; Hamlett, Carol L.; DeSelms, Jacqueline; Seethaler, Pamela M.; Wilson, Julie; Craddock, Caitlin F.; Bryant, Joan D.; Luther, Kurstin; Changas, Paul

Self and external monitoring of reading comprehension.
Page 78-88
Shiu, Ling-po; Chen, Qishan

Sustaining optimal motivation: A longitudinal analysis of interventions to broaden participation of underrepresented students in STEM.
Page 89-107
Hernandez, Paul R.; Schultz, P. Wesley; Estrada, Mica; Woodcock, Anna; Chance, Randie C.

Factorial, convergent, and discriminant validity of timss math and science motivation measures: A comparison of Arab and Anglo-Saxon countries.
Page 108-128
Marsh, Herbert W.; Abduljabbar, Adel Salah; Abu-Hilal, Maher M.; Morin, Alexandre J. S.; Abdelfattah, Faisal; Leung, Kim Chau; Xu, Man K.; Nagengast, Benjamin; Parker, Philip

Perceived prevalence of teasing and bullying predicts high school dropout rates.
Page 138-149
Cornell, Dewey; Gregory, Anne; Huang, Francis; Fan, Xitao

Emotions, self-regulated learning, and achievement in mathematics: A growth curve analysis.
Page 150-161
Ahmed, Wondimu; van der Werf, Greetje; Kuyper, Hans; Minnaert, Alexander

Counting and RAN: Predictors of arithmetic calculation and reading fluency.
Page 162-175
Koponen, Tuire; Salmi, Paula; Eklund, Kenneth; Aro, Tuija

Models of not-so-good behavior: Yet another way to squeeze causality and recommendations for practice out of correlational data.
Page 241-247
Reinhart, Alyssa L.; Haring, Samuel H.; Levin, Joel R.; Patall, Erika A.; Robinson, Daniel H.

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