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Journal Alert: Psychometrika, Vol. 78, Issue 1 - New Issue Alert

Monday, January 14

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In this issue:
2011–2012 Associate Editor Acknowledgements
Abstract    Full text PDF

2011–2012 Reviewer Acknowledgements
Abstract    Full text PDF

In memoriam, J. Douglas Carroll 1939–2011
Willem J. Heiser
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Multicomponent Latent Trait Model for Diagnosis
Susan E. Embretson & Xiangdong Yang
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Procedure for Dimensionality Analyses of Response Data from Various Test Designs
Jinming Zhang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Tests of Measurement Invariance Without Subgroups: A Generalization of Classical Methods
Edgar C. Merkle & Achim Zeileis
Abstract    Full text PDF

Testing Manifest Monotonicity Using Order-Constrained Statistical Inference
Jesper Tijmstra, David J. Hessen, Peter G. M. van der Heijden & Klaas Sijtsma
Abstract    Full text PDF

Optimal and Most Exact Confidence Intervals for Person Parameters in Item Response Theory Models
Anna Doebler, Philipp Doebler & Heinz Holling
Abstract    Full text PDF

How Should We Assess the Fit of Rasch-Type Models? Approximating the Power of Goodness-of-Fit Statistics in Categorical Data Analysis
Alberto Maydeu-Olivares & Rosa MontaƱo
Abstract    Full text PDF

Global Convergence of the EM Algorithm for Unconstrained Latent Variable Models with Categorical Indicators
Alexander Weissman
Abstract    Full text PDF

Methods for Mediation Analysis with Missing Data
Zhiyong Zhang & Lijuan Wang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
ALINA A. VON DAVIER (ED.) (2011) Statistical Models for Test Equating, Scaling, and Linking.
Marie Wiberg
Abstract    Full text PDF

Program of the 77th Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society
Abstract    Full text PDF

Minutes of the Psychometric Society Business Meeting, Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln, Nebraska. July 12, 2012
Abstract    Full text PDF

Report of the Treasurer of the Psychometric Society
Abstract    Full text PDF

Index for Volume 77
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