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Journal alert: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition - Volume 39, Issue 1

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Page 1
Greene, Robert L.

Assessing the chances of success: Naïve statistics versus kind experience.
Page 14-32
Hogarth, Robin M.; Mukherjee, Kanchan; Soyer, Emre

Repeated causal decision making.
Page 33-50
Hagmayer, York; Meder, Björn

Stress assignment in reading Italian polysyllabic pseudowords.
Page 51-68
Sulpizio, Simone; Arduino, Lisa S.; Paizi, Despina; Burani, Cristina

On the specificity of sequential congruency effects in implicit learning of motor and perceptual sequences.
Page 69-84
D'Angelo, Maria C.; Jiménez, Luis; Milliken, Bruce; Lupiáñez, Juan

Do stimulus–action associations contribute to repetition priming?
Page 85-95
Dennis, Ian; Perfect, Timothy J.

Forgetting from working memory: Does novelty encoding matter?
Page 110-125
Plancher, Gaën; Barrouillet, Pierre

Immediate judgments of learning predict subsequent recollection: Evidence from event-related potentials.
Page 159-166
Skavhaug, Ida-Maria; Wilding, Edward L.; Donaldson, David I.

Think spatial: The representation in mental rotation is nonvisual.
Page 167-182
Liesefeld, Heinrich R.; Zimmer, Hubert D.

Shared encoding and the costs and benefits of collaborative recall.
Page 183-195
Harris, Celia B.; Barnier, Amanda J.; Sutton, John

Visual statistical learning based on the perceptual and semantic information of objects.
Page 196-207
Otsuka, Sachio; Nishiyama, Megumi; Nakahara, Fumitaka; Kawaguchi, Jun

On the role of working memory in spatial contextual cueing.
Page 208-219
Travis, Susan L.; Mattingley, Jason B.; Dux, Paul E.

Deconfounding distance effects in judgments of moral obligation.
Page 237-252
Nagel, Jonas; Waldmann, Michael R.

Memory asymmetry of forward and backward associations in recognition tasks.
Page 253-269
Yang, Jiongjiong; Zhao, Peng; Zhu, Zijian; Mecklinger, Axel; Fang, Zhiyong; Li, Han

Temporal dynamics in auditory perceptual learning: Impact of sequencing and incidental learning.
Page 270-276
Church, Barbara A.; Mercado III, Eduardo; Wisniewski, Matthew G.; Liu, Estella H.

When and why a failed test potentiates the effectiveness of subsequent study.
Page 290-296
Hays, Matthew Jensen; Kornell, Nate; Bjork, Robert A.

A causal contiguity effect that persists across time scales.
Page 297-303
Kiliç, Asli; Criss, Amy H.; Howard, Marc W.

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