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Journal Alert: Neuropsychology - Volume 27, Issue 1

Neuropsychology Volume 27, Issue 1, (Jan)

Injury versus noninjury factors as predictors of postconcussive symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury in children.
Page 1-12
McNally, Kelly A.; Bangert, Barbara; Dietrich, Ann; Nuss, Kathy; Rusin, Jerome; Wright, Martha; Taylor, H. Gerry; Yeates, Keith Owen

Impairments in real-world executive function increase from childhood to adolescence in autism spectrum disorders.
Page 13-18
Rosenthal, Michael; Wallace, Gregory L.; Lawson, Rachel; Wills, Meagan C.; Dixon, Eunice; Yerys, Benjamin E.; Kenworthy, Lauren

Metamemory in children with autism: Exploring "feeling-of-knowing" in episodic and semantic memory.
Page 19-27
Wojcik, Dominika Z.; Moulin, Chris J. A.; Souchay, Celine

Impaired implicit sequence learning in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait.
Page 28-36
Vandenbossche, Jochen; Deroost, Natacha; Soetens, Eric; Coomans, Daphné; Spildooren, Joke; Vercruysse, Sarah; Nieuwboer, Alice; Kerckhofs, Eric

Theory of mind deficits in Parkinson's disease: A product of executive dysfunction?
Page 37-47
Eddy, Clare M.; Beck, Sarah R.; Mitchell, Ian J.; Praamstra, Peter; Pall, Hardev S.

Visual search and the aging brain: Discerning the effects of age-related brain volume shrinkage on alertness, feature binding, and attentional control.
Page 48-59
Müller-Oehring, Eva M.; Schulte, Tilman; Rohlfing, Torsten; Pfefferbaum, Adolf; Sullivan, Edith V.

High-level, but not low-level, motion perception is impaired in patients with schizophrenia.
Page 60-68
Kandil, Farid I.; Pedersen, Anya; Wehnes, Jana; Ohrmann, Patricia

The influence of normal aging and Alzheimer's disease in autobiographical memory highly related to the self.
Page 69-78
Martinelli, Pénélope; Anssens, Adèle; Sperduti, Marco; Piolino, Pascale

Semantic processing in connected speech at a uniformly early stage of autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer's disease.
Page 79-85
Ahmed, Samrah; de Jager, Celeste A.; Haigh, Anne-Marie; Garrard, Peter

The apolipoprotein E genotype predicts longitudinal transitions to mild cognitive impairment but not to Alzheimer's dementia: Findings from a nationally representative study.
Page 86-94
Brainerd, C. J.; Reyna, V. F.; Petersen, R. C.; Smith, G. E.; Kenney, A. E.; Gross, C. J.; Taub, E. S.; Plassman, B. L.; Fisher, G. G.

Four-year outcome of mild cognitive impairment: The contribution of executive dysfunction.
Page 95-106
Aretouli, Eleni; Tsilidis, Konstantinos K.; Brandt, Jason

Correction to Epstein et al. (2011).
Page 106
Epstein, Jeffery N.; Langberg, Joshua M.; Rosen, Paul J.; Graham, Amanda; Narad, Megan E.; Antonini, Tanya N.; Brinkman, William B.; Froehlich, Tanya; Simon, John O.; Altaye, Mekibib

Rhythmic auditory stimulation influences syntactic processing in children with developmental language disorders.
Page 121-131
Przybylski, Lauranne; Bedoin, Nathalie; Krifi-Papoz, Sonia; Herbillon, Vania; Roch, Didier; Léculier, Laure; Kotz, Sonja A.; Tillmann, Barbara

Effortful and automatic cognitive inhibition in adults with Tourette's syndrome.
Page 132-140
Drury, Helena; Stern, Jeremy; Wilkinson, Verity; Parikh, Nimmi; Channon, Shelley

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