Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Journal Alert: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance - Volume 39, Issue 1

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Wandering minds and wavering rhythms: Linking mind wandering and behavioral variability.
Page 1-5
Seli, Paul; Cheyne, James Allan; Smilek, Daniel

Persistence of value-driven attentional capture.
Page 6-9
Anderson, Brian A.; Yantis, Steven

Eye movement control in scene viewing and reading: Evidence from the stimulus onset delay paradigm.
Page 10-15
Luke, Steven G.; Nuthmann, Antje; Henderson, John M.

Beauty beyond compare: Effects of context extremity and categorization on hedonic contrast.
Page 16-22
Cogan, Elizabeth; Parker, Scott; Zellner, Debra A.

Perceiving and acting on complex affordances: How children and adults bicycle across two lanes of opposing traffic.
Page 23-36
Grechkin, Timofey Y.; Chihak, Benjamin J.; Cremer, James F.; Kearney, Joseph K.; Plumert, Jodie M.

The hue of shapes.
Page 37-47
Albertazzi, Liliana; Da Pos, Osvaldo; Canal, Luisa; Micciolo, Rocco; Malfatti, Michela; Vescovi, Massimo

Are you ready to jump? Predictive mechanisms in interpersonal coordination.
Page 48-61
Vesper, Cordula; van der Wel, Robrecht P. R. D.; Knoblich, Günther; Sebanz, Natalie

The social perceptual salience effect.
Page 62-74
Inderbitzin, Martin P.; Betella, Alberto; Lanatá, Antonio; Scilingo, Enzo P.; Bernardet, Ulysses; Verschure, Paul F. M. J.

Listeners retune phoneme categories across languages.
Page 75-86
Reinisch, Eva; Weber, Andrea; Mitterer, Holger

Rapid acquisition but slow extinction of an attentional bias in space.
Page 87-99
Jiang, Yuhong V.; Swallow, Khena M.; Rosenbaum, Gail M.; Herzig, Chelsey

Collinearity impairs local element visual search.
Page 156-167
Jingling, Li; Tseng, Chia-Huei

Eye movements reveal how task difficulty moulds visual search.
Page 168-190
Young, Angela H.; Hulleman, Johan

Selective attention to perceptual dimensions and switching between dimensions.
Page 191-201
Meiran, Nachshon; Dimov, Eduard; Ganel, Tzvi

Contextual distinctiveness produces long-lasting priming of pop-out.
Page 202-215
Thomson, David R.; Milliken, Bruce

Spatiotemporal object history affects the selection of task-relevant properties.
Page 216-232
Schreij, Daniel; Olivers, Christian N. L.

Incidental and context-responsive activation of structure- and function-based action features during object identification.
Page 257-270
Lee, Chia-lin; Middleton, Erica; Mirman, Daniel; Kalénine, Solène; Buxbaum, Laurel J.

Guidance of spatial attention by incidental learning and endogenous cuing.
Page 285-297
Jiang, Yuhong V.; Swallow, Khena M.; Rosenbaum, Gail M.

"Hot" facilitation of "cool" processing: Emotional distraction can enhance priming of visual search.
Page 298-306
Kristjánsson, Árni; Óladóttir, Berglind; Most, Steven B.

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