Thursday, January 31, 2013

1180 video lessons to help your students study

Professor Kevin,

We have 1180 video lessons that are a great tool to help your students study. You can access our complete collection of videos here:


College Algebra (79 videos)

College Mathematics (66 videos)

Precalculus (79 videos)

Calculus (104 videos)

Social Science

Psychology (103 videos)

Educational Psychology (105 videos)

Humanities (46 videos)

Sociology (24 videos)


English Literature (106 videos)

American Literature (15 videos)

College Composition (63 videos)


Western Civilization I (45 videos)

U.S. History I (92 videos)


Management (100 videos)

Macroeconomics (68 videos)

Marketing (47 videos)

Information Systems and Computer Applications (32 videos)


Biology (166 videos)

Genetics (24 videos)

Anatomy & Physiology (15 videos)

Chemistry (30 videos)

Natural Sciences (113 videos)

Our video collection is growing every day and we now have over 1100 online educational videos across 25 subject areas. Our Educational Psychology, College Algebra, College Composition and English Literature collections are almost 100% developed so keep an eye out as they are completed over the next few weeks!

You can view our complete collection of videos here:

Many professors are already using our video lessons to supplement their classroom instruction. Read about how communication Professor Michael Mc Donald used Education Portal videos to enhance the learning experience of his students.

Our videos are completely free to use and share, with no barriers and no strings, so please share them with your students!

If you don't see the subject you teach, please fill out this form and tell us which subject areas you'd like us to cover next. We'd love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Sara Inman

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