Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random tidbits from mind blogospher e11-21-07

  • Interesting post at BPS re: research on deliberate attempts to feign mental retardation (e.g., in capital punishment cases).
  • Check out "interesting brain web sites" post at the Brain Injury blog - IMHO, the #1 blog related to brain injury news and views.
  • Need a break? Do you tire of doing Excel spreadsheets. Check out new "game" played with Excel. Thanks to the Download Squad for the tip.
  • Infant statisticians? Check out the Mouse Trap for post re: study suggesting that infants may possess some rudimentary understanding of probability.
  • I'm not sure how accurate this new blog feature is, but it is interesting. Check out Omni Brain's post for a link on calculating the readability level of blogs. IQ's Corner came out at the "college level." I'm not surprised given that the focus is largely for scholarly/academic/theoretical information dissemination.

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