Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Psychology book nook reviews 11-21-07

A new issue of PsycCRITIQUES is available online.

November 21, 2007
Volume 52, Issue 47

Book Reviews
1. Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction Is Changing Men, Women, and the World
Author: Liza Mundy
Reviewer: Margaret E. Madden

2. Why We Talk: The Evolutionary Origins of Language
Author: Jean-Louis Dessalles (James Grieve, Trans.)
Reviewer: Shelia M. Kennison

3. Making Up the Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World
Author: Chris Frith
Reviewer: Stuart W. G. Derbyshire

4. Excess Baggage: Leveling the Load and Changing the Workplace
Author: Ellen Rosskam
Reviewer: David J. Schroeder

5. Narrowing the Achievement Gap: Strategies for Educating Latino, Black, and Asian Students
Authors: Susan J. Paik and Herbert J. Walberg (Eds.)
Reviewer: Jennifer B. Unger

6. The Foundations of Primary Care: Daring to Be Different
Author: Joachim P. Sturmberg
Reviewer: Elizabeth Soliday

7. The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen
Author: Robert Epstein
Reviewer: Susan L. O'Donnell

8. An Activity-Based Approach to Developing Young Children's Social Emotional Competence
Authors: Jane Squires and Diane Bricker
Reviewer: Samantha L. Wilson

9. Higher Level Language Processes in the Brain: Inference and Comprehension Processes
Authors: Franz Schmalhofer and Charles A. Perfetti (Eds.)
Reviewer: Susan E. F. Chipman

10. The Female Body in Mind: The Interface Between the Female Body and Mental Health
Authors: Mervat Nasser, Karen Baistow, and Janet Treasure (Eds.)
Reviewer: Sara Martino

11. The Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and Their Dispatchers
Author: Anat Berko (Elizabeth Yuval, Trans.)
Reviewers: Beth S. Gershuny and Sheldon Solomon

12. The Root of All Evil: An Exposition of Prejudice, Fundamentalism, and Gender Imbalance
Authors: Sharon Mijares, Aliaa Rafea, Rachel Falik, and Jenny Schipper
Reviewer: Patricia L. Wolleat

13. Traumatic Incident Reduction and Critical Incident Stress Management: A Synergistic Approach
Author: Victor R. Volkman (Ed.)
Reviewer: Victor A. Colotla

14. Under Pressure and Overwhelmed: Coping With Anxiety in College
Authors: Christopher Vye, Kathlene Scholljegerdes, and I. David Welch
Reviewer: Robert D. Brown

15. Cooperative Learning: Integrating Theory and Practice
Author: Robyn M. Gillies
Reviewer: Ted Wohlfarth

16. Handbook of Sport Psychology (3rd ed.)
Authors: Gershon Tenenbaum and Robert C. Eklund (Eds.)
Reviewer: Shulamith Kreitler

Video Review
17. Integrative Relational Psychotherapy
with Paul L. Wachtel
Reviewers: Timothy Anderson and Brian D. Uhlin

Film Review
18. The Prestige
Director: Christopher Nolan
Reviewer: Keith Isenberg

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