Friday, November 09, 2007

CHC theory "up north" - Oh Canada.....

I'm currently flying back from a presentation at the British Columbia Association of School Psychologists (BCASP) annual conference in Vancouver, BC. The title of my presentation was "Beyond the CHC theory tipping point: Back to the future." My plan (subject to change due to the whims...and..more importantly...the time constraints of the blog dictator) is to eventually post an on-line version of my PPT slides...which will be announced at here at IQ's Corner.

I want to thank the BCASP members for the speaking opportunity and the warm welcome and gracious treatment. I also want to say "thanks" for the kick-ass insulated BCASP coffee travel mug they gave me as a gift. Finally, a special thanks to Dr. Laurie Ford, current director of the school psychology program at UBC. Laurie is a long-time friend and colleague who initiated the invitation and who took good care of me at the conference. Thanks Laurie.

This is the second CHC theory presentation I've made "up north" since October. In October I made a similar presentation in Calgary (with a greater emphasis on the WJ III battery and links to intervention planning) together with long-time friend and colleague, Barb Wendling. Dr. Don Saklofske from the University of Calgary initiated and coordinated this presentation. Like Laurie, he was a very gracious host. The picture above is of myself (front row, light sport coat, Don (next to me), Barb (far left on picture), and a number of Don's graduate students in school psychology at Calgary. This group also gave me some cool gifts....a U Calgary T-shirt and hat. This hat has become my favorite hat to wear when I need to work outside and there is a nip in the air.

I want to thank my Canadian neighbors and welcome them as new readers at this blog. It was a pleasure to "spread the gospel" re: the importance of theory-based (CHC theory) intelligence testing...and how clinical practice needs to catch up with current CHC theory and CHC-grounded assessment instruments and approaches.

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