Saturday, November 03, 2007

Random tidbits from mind blogosphere 11-3-07

  • Check out one of the best brain/mind blogs around (Developing Intelligence) for an interesting post on subliminal "fast priming" influences on word interpretation.
  • Mind Hacks routinely provides a list of recent posts of interest...called "spike activity." Check out a sample post for 11-2-07 for an example of the diversity of FYI's included in these routine reports.
  • Just in time for holiday shopping for that certain lady in your life....the Brain Bag purse.
  • A number of interesting posts on aging and the brain. First, an interesting, and bit scary, report that 1 in 60 adults may be walking around with some form of brain abnormality. Next, check out Perusing Psychology for a realistic (and sometimes sobering...for us over 30 years of age) look at the neuropsychology of changes in the brain as we age. Finally, check out On the Brain for a top ten list of misconceptions by scientists and the public re: the neurological bases of memory/cognitive loss in aging.
  • Check out the top brain fitness blog (Sharp Brains) for a report on the top 10 neuroscience trends in 2007.

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