Saturday, November 11, 2006

Random tidbits from the mind and brain blogsphere 11-11-06

  • Scientific American has an article summarizing the recent buzz surround the theory that autism may be related to the functioning of mirror neurons.
  • An interesting example of the use of Chernoff Faces, a visual-graphic method for presenting multivariate statistics (I've played with these but have never done anything formal with them), over at the Social Science Statistics Blog. The example uses major league baseball team statistics as the data. Interesting stuff.
  • 20 Craziest scientific researches list over at
  • Nice post (Why do you turn down the readio when your'e lost?) regarding divided attention over at Sharp Brains.

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1 comment:

Maddy said...

Any chance that the 'New Scientist' [UK] might publish the article on mirror neurons,that way it might pass by spouse's interest?