Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CHC theory overview PPT slide show

I just learned of a new file-sharing service (SlideShare) for PowerPoint presentations. I decided to give it a try. I uploaded a short/brief PPT file that presents a very brief overview of the definitions of the major broad abilities in the CHC theory of human cognitive abilities. It can be viewed by clicking here. I'd appreciate comments on the value of this way of presenting material.

I have a TON of PPT slide modules that I could share if this is deemed valuable to folks.

Yes...I do know that the text in the cartoon captions may be hard to read...I just wanted to upload a small file quickly to see if the service worked. I like it.....seems simple and efficient.


Anonymous said...

I just happenedto stumble on your blog. I really liked yourpresentation.I think there is a much beeterway of embedding the slide so that it comes on the front page of your blog.( i personally dont know as to how to do it but have seen it in other blogs.

Kevin McGrew said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I've added a section (on the left of my blog) devoted to "On-line PPT slides" with direct links to the slide shows at SlideShare.

Anonymous said...

See this post ..http://www.shareneedles.com/2006/11/a_story_without.html.. He was ale to emedded his slide into the blog